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This blog is written by a real estate agent, a local business owner, and a wild and crazy party animal. Talk about diversity! We want to cover all things related to Phoenix, AZ including the housing market, cool places to eat and party at, and business tips for business owners. We plan on covering this wide range of topics with hopes that we can help increase your quality of life no matter what type of life you’re living! Even if you don’t live in Phoenix, there’s still a good chance you could walk away with some valuable information. Looking to move to Phoenix? Stay up to date with us regarding current housing trends and the right time to jump into the market. Already living in Phoenix? Even better! Learn about some cool new places and trends so you can stay ahead of your friends when it comes to being cool. Contact us with your feed back on how awesome we are, or for you haters, please share with us how much you dis-like us an this blog, we’ll read it all!